I was reading a Gawker article about a gun control rally, and in the comments it somehow devolved into talking about job creators at one point (because those are related?). I was thinking about this at work the other day, how some people idolize the idea of job creators and think they are the foundation of all that is good in the world. However, this totally contradicts the reality of every job. Employers don't give you a job because they are kind-hearted souls. They give you a job because they have a need that you can fulfill. Any employee/employer relationship is a two-way, equally important interaction. As an employee, I provide a valuable service. As a result, I am compensated. Why then should the employer be venerated so much more highly?

My last company totally bought into this. The president loved to sit in on our annual reviews, just so he could see our reactions to finding out we were getting 2% raises. He totally saw it as proof that he was super-generous and benevolent. I saw it as a less-than-cost of living increase, which meant I was essentially being paid LESS than I had been the year before, but I knew better than to show that. Unless employers admit they hire people they don't need to do work that doesn't provide any value, they are not being generous, any more than I am being generous by paying for anything I buy at a store. It's an equal transaction, and nothing more. Same thing with bonuses- if they are tied to job performance, how are they anything other than fair payment for services rendered? A couple years ago, Google gave everyone in their employ a 10% raise, for no job-related reason. THAT is generosity, and why everyone in the world wants to work at Google.

I am grateful for my paycheck, because it enables me to live comfortably. I am grateful for my job, because it is interesting and reasonably fulfilling. I like my employers, because they treat me fairly and make it clear they value me. Am I grateful to them? To a point, but not because they provide any sort of charity by giving me a paycheque.

What do you think?